Program 162


PROMO: Laser pioneer Dr. Peter Hackett brings 32 years of experience with the NRC to his new position as president and CEO of Alberta Ingenuity

UofL's Dr. Jim Byrne portrays the shocking tale of woe for water across Canada in his TV series Water Under Fire

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TITLE: Dr. Peter Hackett, President and CEO, Alberta Ingenuity Fund
SUBJECT: #162 New Leader for Alberta Ingenuity Fund
SYNOPSIS: Alberta Ingenuity Fund has a new man at the helm. After 32 years with the National Research Council in Ottawa, Dr. Peter Hackett has found a new scientific frontier to conquer, and thatís in Alberta. He shares his vision to make Alberta the best place in the world to conduct research.



TITLE: Dr, Jim Byrne, Professor specializing in water and atmospheric interactions, University of Lethbridge
SUBJECT: #162 Water Under Fire
SYNOPSIS: Water Under Fire. This 7 part series on DVD is a frightening look at the environmental degradation of Canadaís water resources. It was co-produced by Dr. Jim Byrne of the University Of Lethbridge and George Gallant, who traveled from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the 49th parallel to Great Bear Lake. And everywhere, our water is under attack.