Program 212


PROMO: U of A ecologist Dr. Stan Boutin elected to the Royal Society of Canada for his work on red squirrels, climate change and ILM

AGRI researcher Dr. Dan Mason investigates the impact of gaming revenues on amateur sports

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TITLE: Dr. Stan Boutin, Professor, Biological Sciences, University of Alberta and NSERC Industrial Chair in Integrated Landscape Management
SUBJECT: #212 Boutin Elected to Royal Society of Canada
SYNOPSIS: Caribou and red squirrels are two species that are close to the heart of biologist Dr. Stan Boutin. His research on these animals and other boreal issues has earned this biologist a fellowship in the Royal Society of Canada.



TITLE: Dr. Dan Mason, Associate Professor, Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta and Researcher, Alberta Gaming Research Institute
SUBJECT: #212 Impact of Gaming Revenues on Sports Associations
SYNOPSIS: The next time you toss a baseball or watch some kids play soccer, ask yourself where the money comes from to support these team sports. Dr. Dan Mason is looking at the impact gaming revenues have on the survival of sports associations in Alberta.