Program 55


PROMO: Biologist Dr. Bill Samuel finds a single moose can host up to 100,000 winter ticks
And companies showcase their greenhouse gas solutions at a Calgary tradeshow and conference

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TITLE: Dr. Bill Samuel, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #55 The Maladaption of Moose to Winter Ticks
SYNOPSIS: In the war between moose and ticks, the moose is not faring well. For many years, zoologist Dr. Bill Samuel has studied the relationship between moose and the parasitic winter tick and recently presented his research to a meeting of the Canadian Society of Zoologists at the University of Lethbridge. While deer, elk, horses and even cattle are attacked by winter ticks, it's the moose that has yet to evolve defensive strategies against the pesky ticks. By winter's end, a badly infested moose may be carrying up to 100,000 ticks and may have had to replace up to 70 percent of its blood. No wonder moose get so itchy they literally rub off all their hair trying to rid themselves of the ticks. Hence the term, "ghost moose".



TITLE: Patrick von Hauff, Coordinator, Greenhouse Gas Showcase, Environmental Services Association of Alberta
SUBJECT: #55 Greenhouse Gas Technologies
SYNOPSIS: At a recent conference sponsored by the Petroleum Technology Alliance of Canada (PTAC) and Climate Change Central, a number of companies and agencies gathered in Calgary to showcase their solutions to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Patrick von Hauff, Environmental Services Association of Alberta When it comes to greenhouse gases, the general perception is that not much has been done to curb these emissions. Yet, there are many products and services already on the market to deal the problems, if only people knew about them. That's why the Environmental Services Association has launched a new web based databank of greenhouse gas technologies. Patrick von Hauff was on hand at the GHG Technologies Conference and Tradeshow to promote the new service called Greenhouse Gas Showcase. For more information: 1-800-661-9278 or



TITLE: Pierre Boileau, Manager, Greenhouse Gas Verification Centre,Environment Canada
SUBJECT: #55 Greenhouse Gas Technologies
SYNOPSIS: Someone has to keep track of all the greenhouse gases that are emitted to the atmosphere. That task has fallen to the people at Environment Canada. As Pierre Boileau explains, the tallies come from consumption figures gathered by Statistics Canada as well as other statistics from the resource and manufacturing sectors. The Greenhouse Gas Verification Centre is now launching an educational program to train consultants and people in industry to deal with keeping track of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the system that is already in place.



TITLE: Brian Winters, Proeco Corporation
SUBJECT: #55 Greenhouse Gas Technologies
SYNOPSIS: Proeco is an Edmonton firm that has expanded from the handling of hazardous waste into co-generation and greenhouse gas solutions. Brian Winters talks about the company's latest innovation, a dual fuel internal combustion engine that allows VOC's to be combusted in the engine to generate power and heat which is used to heat the company's facilities and run essential services in its buildings. It could be used to turn animal waste into methane for power. It also has applications in upstream petroleum greenhouse gas reduction.



TITLE: Mike Shane, Meridian Specialities
SUBJECT: #55 Greenhouse Gas Technologies
SYNOPSIS: Meridian Specialities has gathered a product line of a number of existing technologies to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy sector. One product prevents the need to vent methane to the air at wellsites. With over 70,000 wellsites in Alberta already and 3,000 to 4,000 additions each year, there is tremendous potential for reducing fugitive emissions.