Program 59


PROMO: Dr. Joe Nelson wins big time prize at international fish conference
ARC's Fibrex 2002 takes on hemp and straw

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TITLE: Dr. Joe Nelson, Professor Emeritus, Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #59 International Fish Conference in Kansas City
SYNOPSIS: Ichthyologists and herpetologists from around the world met in Kansas City in early July to talk about their research and air their concerns on pressing biological issues, such as the rapid advance of the snakehead fish into North American inland waters. Dr. Joseph Nelson, noted fish researcher, author of Fishes of the World, and Professor Emeritus at the U of A, chairs the group's committee on fish names. At the international conference, he was honoured with the Robert H. Gibbs Jr. Memorial Award for his lifetime accomplishments in the world of fish.



TITLE: Neal Oberg, Co-Chair, Alberta Agricultural Research Institute
SUBJECT: #59 ARC Fibrex 2002 Strawboard Plant at Forestburg
SYNOPSIS: There's more to paper and building materials than wood. For many years, the Alberta Research Council has been helping people investigate new technologies that utilize other sources of fibre such hemp and straw. Among the presenters at the recent Fibrex 2002 Symposium hosted by the ARC was Neal Oberg, a farmer near Forestburg and the co-chair of the Alberta Agricultural Research Institute. He's working out the technological kinks on a strawboard plant that would produce panels made from straw



TITLE: Lance Van den born, Hemp Broker, Thompson Valley Farms
SUBJECT: #59ARC Fibrex 2002 Value Added Hemp
SYNOPSIS: Also at Fibrex 2002 was Lance Van den born. He contracts with farmers who grow hemp, and then sells the refined hemp products under his Thompson Valley Farms label. His first product is an edible hemp oil which sells in health food stores. He plans to expand his product line to include fabrics made from Alberta grown hemp fibres.
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