Program 62


PROMO: Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow's studies the impact of development on boreal bird habitat for the SFM Network
Dr. Dick Peter outlines his plan for the new Integrated Resource Management division of ARC
Paul Bellows and Gregg Oldring develop new software that takes the pain out of email newsletters

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TITLE: Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow, Conservation Biologist and Bird Researcher, Sustainable Forest Management Network and Professor, Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #62 Bird Research in the Boreal Forest
SYNOPSIS: Whether its through logging, energy development, farming or road building, human activity fragments the forest. The more fragmented, the harder it is for birds. Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow is a conservation biologist who has been studying the impact of development on birds in the boreal forest. Many of her research projects are supported by the Sustainable Forest Management Network with an eye to helping companies develop better practices that have less impact on bird communities.



TITLE: Dr. Dick Peter, VP for Integrated Resource Management, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #62 ARC Starts New Integrated Resource Management Program
SYNOPSIS: As the Dean of Science at the University of Alberta, Dr. Dick Peter oversaw the development of a chair in Integrated Landscape Management. Now the new Vice President for Integrated Resource Management at the Alberta Research Council, Dr. Peter outlines the challenging task before him to bring the science of IRM into the mindset of resource planners, users, and regulators.



TITLE: Gregg Oldring, President, My Mailout and Paul Bellous, Partner, My Mailout, Groupie Corral, and Yellow Pencil Design
SUBJECT: #62 My Mailout an Instant Innovation Cyber Success
SYNOPSIS: What do a musician and a programmer have in common? Why, communications, of course! Paul Bellous and Gregg Oldring are two-thirds of the enterprising Edmonton team who have developed My Mailout, a new program that takes the ouch out of emailed newsletters. They even offer a free trial!