Program 64


PROMO: Biologist Simon Dyer of AlPac looks at the impact roads, seismic lines and wellsites have on woodland caribou

Geologist Dr. Nat Rutter remembers the Arctic Summer School, a successful U of A Extension program in the 1970's

Forest ecologist Dr. Christian Messier defines the TRIAD approach, the new paradigm in forest management

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TITLE: Dr. Christian Messier, Professor of Forest Ecology, University of Quebec and Researcher, Sustainable Forest Management Network
SUBJECT: #64 The TRIAD Approach to Forest Management
SYNOPSIS: Dr. Christian Messier of the Sustainable Forest Management Network explains the "triad approach", the new paradigm in forest management.



TITLE: Dr. Nat Rutter, University Professor Emeritus, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Associate Dean of Science, and Instructor, Arctic Summer School, Faculty of Extension
SUBJECT: #64 Arctic Summer School
SYNOPSIS: Dr. Nat Rutter, Geologist and University Professor Emeritus, recalls the heady days of the Arctic Summer School. Mounted by the U of A's then Department of Extension during the 1970's, it played an important role during a period of exploration and development that culminated in the Berger Inquiry into Northern Development. This year marks Extension's 90th anniversary.



TITLE: Simon Dyer, Biologist and Forest Ecologist, Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries
SUBJECT: #64 Impact of Human Disturbance on Woodland Caribou
SYNOPSIS: Simon Dyer, a biologist with Alberta Pacific Forest Industries, won an award for best paper when he published his work on woodland caribou. He looked at how caribou, a threatened species, react to seismic lines and other human disturbance in the forest.