Program 77


PROMO: Darren Dorge of the Alberta Conservation Association studies ewe decline in Yarrow-Castle bighorn sheep

ACA's Kevin Gardiner implants radio transmitters in North Saskatchewan bull trout

Dr. Partho Sarkar of the Alberta Research Council makes headway on tiny new fuel cell

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TITLE: Darren Dorge, Fisheries and Wildlife Biologist, Alberta Conservation Association, Blairmore
SUBJECT: #77 ACA Study on Yarrow-Castle Bighorn Sheep Ewe Population Decline
SYNOPSIS: In 1982, pneumonia reduced the Yarrow-Castle herd of bighorn sheep by 75 percent. Slowly their numbers increased until the mid-1990's, when for unknown reasons, the ewe population began a sharp decline. Darren Dorge is a fisheries and wildlife biologist with the Alberta Conservation Association. By collaring the ewes and following their movements, he hopes to uncover the reasons behind why the numbers of female bighorn sheep are declining



TITLE: Kevin Gardiner, Senior Fisheries Technician, Alberta Conservation Association, Rocky Mountain House
SUBJECT: #77 ACA Studio on Bull Trout in the North Saskatchewan River above the Bighorn Dam
SYNOPSIS: Bull trout are a species of concern in Alberta where their population has been drastically reduced. With more human developments moving into the backcountry, the threat to these fish is even greater. Kevin Gardiner is a fisheries technician with the Alberta Conservation Association based out of Rocky Mountain House. Through the use of radio telemetry, he's mapping the movements of bull trout in the upper reaches of the North Saskachewan River.



TITLE: Dr. Partho Sarkar, Research Scientist, Ceramic Engineering Group, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #77 A New Tiny, Portable Fuel Cell
SYNOPSIS: Among those working on fuel cell technology at the Alberta Research Council is Dr. Partho Sarkar. He heads up the ARC's Ceramic Engineering Group. The fuel cell design he's working on uses a ceramic membrane, can run on a variety of fuels, and seems to have overcome the quick heating up and cooling down problem that plagues ceramic fuel cells.