Program 97


PROMO: Host Cheryl Croucher interviews three up and coming scientists in Lethbridge.

With an Industrial Associateship from Alberta Ingentuity, Ian Chapman of Iunctus is developing software for a space telescope that will quickly analyze molecular compounds.

Grad student Christine Reinhart will use her Alberta Ingenuity Student Fellowship to study play fighting between rats with an eye towards helping autistic children socialize better.

And Dr. Brad Hagen of the U of L's School of Health Sciences discusses his research funded by the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research on the use of anti-psychotic drugs in nursing homes.

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TITLE: Ian Chapman, Software Researcher, Iunctus Geomatics Corporation, Lethbridge and Recipient, Alberta Ingenuity Industrial Associateship
SUBJECT: #97 Imaging Software for Use in Space
SYNOPSIS: Ian Chapman of Iunctus Geomatics Corporation in Lethbridge is one of the first recipients of a new funding program with Alberta Ingenuity. With the Industrial Associateship, Ian will help develop special software to be used with light imaging devices used in major international space projects. The software is being developed in collaboration with the Astronomical Instrumentation Group at the University of Lethbridge, and can be readily applied to other fields of imaging spectroscopy including remote sensing of the Earth and diagnostic medical imaging.



TITLE: Christine Reinhart, Graduate Student, University of Lethbridge and Recipient, Alberta Ingenuity Student Fellowship
SUBJECT: #97 The Role of the Amygdala in Play Fighting and Socialization
SYNOPSIS: Alberta Ingenuity Student Christine Reinhart under the supervision of Dr. Sergio Pellis of the Canadian Centre for Behavioral Neurosciences at the University of Lethbridge is investigating how the brain regulates play in animals. Christine will look at how the amygdala in the brain operates and the effect it has on play fighting in rats. Autistic children display damage in this area of the brain, and Christine's research may ultimately lead to a new method of treatment for these children.



TITLE: Dr. Brad Hagen, Associate Professor, School of Health Sciences, University of Lethbridge
SUBJECT: #97 Use of Anti-Psychotic Drugs in Nursing Homes
SYNOPSIS: Anti-psychotic drugs are used to control difficult patients in nursing homes. Alberta's usage rate is high when compared to national and international standards. With funding from the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Dr. Brad Hagen of the School of Health Sciences at the University of Lethbridge has used his findings to develop a program for doctors, nurses and families that addresses alternative care and more appropriate use of these medications.