Program 133


PROMO: AME scientist Dr. Lee Foote investigates the question whether road beds are just big beaver dams and what impact that has on riparian zones

Calgary writer Bob Bott joins Bob Udell and Peter Murphy to pen a fascinating book on the 50 years history of Weldwood and what that's meant for forest management in Alberta

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TITLE: Dr. Lee Foote, Associate Professor, Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta and Researcher, Adaptive Management Experiment Team
SUBJECT: #133 Roads as Beaver Dams
SYNOPSIS: When it comes to cutting down trees, which came first, the beavers or the loggers? Dr. Lee Foote at the University of Alberta has been investigating how beavers use roads as dams, and what significance this has for road building and forest management.



TITLE: Robert Bott, Author, Calgary
SUBJECT: #133 Book: Learning From The Forest
SYNOPSIS: Calgary writer Bob Bott has coauthored a book on the 50 year history of Weldwood and its predecessors in the Hinton forest. Along with Bob Udell and Professor Emeritus Peter Murphy, they’ve compiled an interesting look at the evolution towards sustainable forest management in Alberta.