Program 153


PROMO: Alberta's woodland caribou are in drastic decline and biologist Dr. Stan Boutin urges immediate action

SMFN researcher Dr. John Innes develops new planning tools for First Nations people

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TITLE: Dr. Stan Boutin, Professor, Biological Sciences, Univeristy of Alberta and NSERC/Alberta Chamber of Resources Chair in Integrated Landscape Management
SUBJECT: #153 Woodland Caribou Numbers In Drastic Decline
SYNOPSIS: For woodland caribou, the story over the last decade has gone from bad to worse. And as biologist Dr. Stan Boutin advocates, if government and industry don’t take drastic action immediately, Alberta’s woodland caribou may soon meet the same fate as the dodo bird.



TITLE: Dr. John Innes, FRBC Chair of Forest Management and Professor, Department of Forest Resource Management, University of British Columbi
SUBJECT: #153 SFMN Research for First Nations People
SYNOPSIS: For the First Nations people who still live off the land in the north, they want to know how industrial development is impacting their lives. And they’re looking to science and the Sustainable Forest Management Network for some guidance.