Program 189


PROMO: With ACA funding, Dr. Jacqui Frair found hunting and wolf predation influenced successful translocation of elk

Soil ecologist Dr. Jeff Battigelli studies the role of mites in oil sands reclamation with the help of an Alberta Ingenuity Industrial Associateship

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TITLE: Dr. Jacqui Frair, PhD Graduate, Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #189 Elk Translocation Success Study
SYNOPSIS: Remember the old story about the country bumpkin meeting up with the city slicker. If youíre going to survive city life, then youíve got to have some street smarts. Well,the same principle holds true for translocated elk, something Dr. Jacquie Friar learned in her research on the survival of translocated elk.



TITLE: Dr. Jeff Battigelli, Soil Ecologist, Paragon Soil and Environmental, and Alberta Ingenuity Industrial Associateship
SUBJECT: #189 Arthropods and OIl Sands Soil Reclamation
SYNOPSIS: Tiny mites that live in the soil may hold the key to successful reclamation of oil sands areas. Thatís what Dr. Jeff Battigelli is studying as part of his Alberta Ingenuity Industrial Associateship on soil health.