Program 192


PROMO: British prion researcher Dr. Danny Matthews talks about early investigations into the UK's mad cow epidemic

Biologist and UofA graduate student Andrea McGregor studies the role of cormorants in the changing Lac La Biche ecosystem

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TITLE: Dr. Danny Matthews, TSE Program Manager, Veterinary Laboratories Agency, UK and Member, Alberta Prion Research Institute Scientific Advisory Council
SUBJECT: #192 Alberta Prion Research Institute Symposium: Mad Cows
SYNOPSIS: Alberta scientists are benefiting from the experience of British researchers who first dealt with the outbreak of mad cow disease twenty years ago. Dr. Danny Matthews is one of the researchers and he was in Calgary recently at a prion symposium to talk about his early experiences.



TITLE: Andrea McGregor, Graduate Student, Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #192 Cormorant Study at Lac La Biche
SYNOPSIS: While fishermen may hate cormorants, these big black birds are not to blame for the collapse of the walleye fishery in Lac La Biche. Andrea McGregor is a biologist studying cormorants and the role they play in the lake’s changing ecosystem