Program 3


PROMO: Dr. Daryll Hebert on taking science into the corporate boardroom
A retrospective on Dewey Soper, a pioneer naturalist with Wayne Roberts, curator of the Zoology Museum at the University of Alberta

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TITLE: Dr. Daryll Hebert, Environmental Manager for Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries
SUBJECT: #3 Taking Science into the Corporate Boardroom
SYNOPSIS: Every movement, every change needs a catalyst, a driving force. That's the role Dr. Daryll Hebert has played in changing the face of forestry in Alberta over the last decade. Starting out as a wildlife biologist Vancouver Island in the 1970's, he soon realized the battle to save forest ecosystems had to take place with CEO's in the boardroom. And the key to change was science. In 1991, Daryll came to Alberta as the Environmental Manager for Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries in northern Alberta. This time he could work from inside a corporate structure to help this new company develop a stewardship ethic based on an emerging forest science called Ecosystem Management. The platform for change was research. This work led to the development of the Sustainable Forestry Institute at the University of Alberta as part of the Network of Centres of Excellence. Daryll now works as a consultant with other forest companies to help them incorporate Ecosystem Management into their forest practices. On Innovation Alberta Program 3, Dr. Daryll Hebert talks about taking science into the boardroom and maintaining the integrity and independence of scientific research.



TITLE: Wayne Roberts
SUBJECT: #3 The Life and Work of Dr. Dewey Soper, The Last of the Pioneer Naturalists
SYNOPSIS: On July 17, 1916, Dewey Soper wrote in his diary that nature meant so much to him, he wanted to dedicate the rest of his life to studying nature. A science graduate of the University of Alberta, he spent the 1920's and 1930's in research camps in northern Alberta and the Arctic. He discovered the breeding grounds of the Blue Goose and as an explorer of Baffin Island, he made significant changes to the map of Baffin Island. Throughout his career, he collected thousands of specimens, of which 3000 alone are in the Zoology Museum at the University of Alberta. Wayne Roberts is curator of the Zoology Museum, and on this week's Innovation Alberta, he talks about Dr. J. Dewey Soper as the last of the pioneer naturalists.