Program 61


PROMO: A tour of the Alberta Research Council's energy lab profiles innovative research on heavy oil recovery based on the work of scientists Dr. Ron Sawatzky, Dr. Bernard Tremblay, and Venezuelan PhD candidate Brigida Meza

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TITLE: Dr. Ron Sawatzky, Senior Research Scientist, Heavy Oil and Oil Sands, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #61 A Tour of the ARC's Heavy OIl and OIl Sands Research Lab
SYNOPSIS: The production of oil is a keystone to Albertaís economy but despite the tremendous amount of activity and the vast quantities of the resources, getting the oil out of the ground is still a head scratcher especially when it comes to oil sands and heavy oil. Through the decades scientists at the Alberta Research Council have lead developing new technologies including those using steam and solvents. Scientist Dr. Ron Sawatzky leads a tour of the Councilís heavy oil and oil sands lab.



TITLE: Dr. Bernard Tremblay, Research Engineers, Cold Production, Heavy Oil and Oil Sands, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #61 Worm Holes and Water in Heavy Oil Recovery
SYNOPSIS: Water generally poses a major problem for the recovery of oil from heavy oil deposits. But research engineer Dr. Bernard Tremblay of the Alberta Research Council has shown that the channeling behavior of water can be beneficial at the right time. For the past few years he has studied how water creates "worm holes" in heavy oil.



TITLE: Brigida Meza, PhD Candidate and Researcher, Cold Production, Heavy Oil and Oil Sands, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #61 New discovery about water and horizontal drilling in heavy oil sands recovery
SYNOPSIS: Cold production is really heating up for Brigida Meza. Originally from Venezuela, Brigida can now be found at the Alberta Research Council in the Heavy Oil and Oil Sands Division. Her interest in horizontal drilling has led to a new discovery about the properties of sand and water which will aid in horizontal drilling. Testing her discovery is part of the work for her PhD from the U of A. Not only that, she will be presenting her work as part of an international science competition in San Antonio this fall.