Program 63


PROMO: A tree may be older than it looks, says Dr. Christian Messier of the SFM Network
Cevena Bioproducts Inc gets major investor to take barley fractionation from the lab into commercialization

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TITLE: Dr. Christian Messier, Forest Ecologist and Professor, University of Quebec and Researcher with the Sustainable Forest Management Network
SUBJECT: #63 Shade Tolerance, Missing Rings, and Growth Underground
SYNOPSIS: In school you were probably taught that you could tell the age of a tree by counting its rings. Turns out that not quite right, because trees lie about their age. Ecologist Dr. Christian Messier of the Sustainable Forest Management Network studies shade tolerance in trees. And he believes this revelation should change the way companies deal with forest reclamation.



TITLE: Dr. Feral Temelli and Dr. Thava Vasathan, Researchers and Professors, Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Sciences, University of Alberta and Partners, Cevena Bioproducts Inc
SUBJECT: #63 Cevena Bioproducts Inc
SYNOPSIS: Two Alberta researchers have figured out how to spin barley into gold. Cevena Bioproductsis a spinoff company at the University of Alberta which has developed a new technique for separating beta glucans from barley. Financial support from AVAC and a two million dollar investment from Foragen Technologies Management Inc. will help Cevena move from the lab into a pilot plant. And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is a 100 million dollar a year business. Dr. Feral Temelli and and Dr. Thava Vasathan are both professors in Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Sciences at the U of A.



TITLE: Shirley McClellan, Deputy Premier and Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development, Province of Alberta
SUBJECT: #63 Cevena Bioproducts Inc
SYNOPSIS: The new investment in U of A spinoff company Cevena Bioproducts Inc is welcomed by Alberta's Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Development. Shirley McClellan believes the future of agriculture is enhanced by research and the development of value-added products such as Cevena's new barley fractionation process.



TITLE: Dr. Murray McLaughlin, President and CEO, Foragen Technologies Management Inc.
SUBJECT: #63 Cevena Bioproducts Inc
SYNOPSIS: Foragen Technologies Management Inc is investing over 2 million dollars in Cevena Bioproducts Inc to help the spinoff company move out of the lab into the marketplace. Scaling up the technology means first going through the pilot plant stage. Foragen's President and CEO Dr. Murray McLaughlin outlines his plans to nuture Cevena through this next critical phase.