Program 78


PROMO: Brad Guthrie helps inventors and tech startup companies at the Capital Region Innovation Centre

NINT's Andy Gilliland and NRC's Jack Smith promote Technology Foresighting in Alberta

ARC's Dr. Ted Garver and Dr. Yaman Boluk commercialize other applications for whitewater analysis through Aquantix

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TITLE: Brad Guthrie, Executive Director, Edmonton Capital Region Innovation Centre
SUBJECT: #78 Help for Inventors and Startups
SYNOPSIS: Technology for Success, Inventors Gateway website, start-up mentoring, business seminars...These are just a few of the services people can access from the Capital Region Innovation Centre. As executive director Brad Guthrie explains, all these services are offered at low or no cost so that people just starting a business to commercialize their innovation can get off to a good start.



TITLE: Andy Gilliland, Director of Stakeholder Relations, National Institute for Nanotechnology
SUBJECT: #78 NRC Science and Technology Foresight Workshop
SYNOPSIS: 175 people attended the recent NRC Science and Technology Foresighting Workshop at the Shaw Conference Centre in Edmonton. Instrumental in getting the workshop off the ground was none other than Andy Gilliland of the National Institute for Nanotechnology at the U of A. Workshop participants quickly discovered that "foresighting" is more than just planning ahead.



TITLE: Jack Smith, Group Leader, Office of Technology Foresight, National Research Council of Canada
SUBJECT: #78 NRC Science and Technology Foresight Workshop
SYNOPSIS: Leading the Science and Technology Foresighting Workshop was Jack Smith. Jack heads up the Office of Technology Foresight at the National Research Council in Ottawa. He defines the process of "foresighting" as structured scenario planning to anticipate social and economic change associated with technological advancement.



TITLE: Dr. Ted Garver, Manager, Aquantix and Dr. Yaman Boluk, Applications Development Specialist, Aquantix, Alberta Research Council
SUBJECT: #78 ARC's Aquantix Thermal Colloidal Analyzer Commercialization
SYNOPSIS: Among the many innovations from the scientists at the Alberta Research Council is the Thermal Colloidal Analyzer. Inventor Dr. Ted Garver first developed this technology to help pulp mills reduce the problems they experience with "stickiness" or "pitch" in the pulp water. Because of the way the pitch scatters light, it's called "whitewater". Most recently, ARC has established Aquantix as the enterprise unit to commercialize the technology. A pairing with Varian Instruments is a major step in this direction. Now manager of Aquantix, Dr. Ted Garver expects sales to really take off this year. And his colleague Dr. Yaman Boluk is exploring applications of the thermal colloidal analyzer in the manufacture of cosmetics, jet fuel and processed foods.