Program 80


PROMO: Dr. Stan Boutin shows through long term research in the Yukon that climate change is forcing a genetic response in red squirrels

Bill Rennie gives a tour of the Japan Canada Oil Sands SAGD pilot plant at Hangingstone near Fort McMurray

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TITLE: Dr. Stan Boutin, Biology Professor, and NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Integrated Landscape Managemenet, University of Alberta
SUBJECT: #80 Red Squirrels and Genetic Response to Climate Change
SYNOPSIS: For over a decade Dr. Stan Boutin of the University of Alberta has been studying red squirrels in the southern Yukon. In analyzing the data from the long term study of many generations of squirrels, it became evident that the average birthing time was getting earlier and earlier. Boutin and his colleagues believe this shows the first evidence that climate warming is producing a genetic response in red squirrels. In other words, it's evolution in the making.



TITLE: Bill Rennie, Public Relations Director, Japan Canada Oil Sands Limited
SUBJECT: #80 Tour of JACOS Hangingstone SAGD Plant
SYNOPSIS: Japan Canada Oil Sands LImited is one of the handful of companies which is experimenting with SAGD technology to remove oil from the Athabasca oil sands near Fort McMurray. Steam is injected into the ground to warm the oil enough that it will leave the sands the come to the surface. Bill Rennie of JACOS explains the "steam assisted gravity drainage" setup on a tour of the JACOS pilot plant at Hangingstone.