The Innovation Alberta logo is a product of the creative minds at Karo in Calgary.

Innovation Alberta LogoFounded in 1971 and 1976 respectively, Karo Design Vancouver Inc and Karo Design Calgary Inc. are independent corporations that share a common brand and approach to the use of design as a strategic business-building tool.

Both companies are privately owned and operated by shareholders who are active in the business. The Karo brand and other intellectual property is controlled and maintained through a joint venture corporation known as Karo Group Inc.

In all we have a combined staff of more than 60 highly skilled employees working in four major design disciplines – Communication Design, Environmental Design, Interactive Design and Product Design.


We believe that in today’s crowded marketplace design is often the one thing that can distinguish one product or service from another. By understanding the needs and desires of the end user we can add value to our client’s brands through the strategic use of design.

Our proven design methodology is based on our 30 years of success in the market. Our phased approach ensures we have identified customer needs, understood client expectations, tactically development and implemented strategies and a managed the project with a high degree of accountability.

In short, we design competitive advantage by creating positive user experiences for our clients’ products and services. In doing so we help ensure their brands have a meaningful connection to the people who use them.


In simple terms brands can be understood by analyzing - who a company is, what they do and the style with which they do it. Our guiding principle at Karo is to exceed our clients’ expectations every time.

We believe you will find us to be highly strategic in our thinking, and exceptionally creative in our execution. We endeavour to be engaging in our relationships and mindful of the need for our recommendations to yield measurable results. Our team strives for excellence in everything we do and are passionate about design as a means of delivering competitive advantage to our clients.


Karo has achieved 25 years of successful business operations in Alberta. We have won numerous local, national and international awards for our work. We have a track record of designing work that helps our clients achieve. their business goals and develop a competitive advantage. In an industry full of change we have been able to maintain many long term clients and employees.


To quote internationally renowned business consultant Tom Peters - "...design is possibly the number one differentiator in an overcrowded marketplace".

The strategic use of design enhances brand value and increases the competitive advantage of your brand in the market. Karo takes a customer driven approach based on a time proven methodology to develop design solutions based on better connecting the user to the brand experience.

New products and new ideas must be put forth in a way that end users can clearly see the advantage of the technology or science in enhancing their life or work. The messages need to be clear, concise, confident, trustworthy and credible - thus the need for a strong brand identifier and brand position in the market.

Think of it this way. Strong innovation and strong science need to represented in the market through equally strong design.


Karo was pleased to develop the visual identity for Innovation Alberta as our corporate contribution to this important initiative. We hope the identity will serve the organization well for many years to come.


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