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The purpose of Alberta Innovation and Science is to enhance the contribution of innovation, science, research and development and its application to the sustainable prosperity and quality of life of all Albertans.

Ministry efforts are focused on:
* Accelerating innovation in Alberta, with emphasis on increasing commercialization of research, and industry growth.
* Building the capability and capacity of the research system.
* Building research excellence in the priority areas of energy, information and communications technology (ICT), and life sciences.
* Encouraging and supporting innovation within the Government of Alberta.

Alberta Innovation and Science provides leadership and makes strategic investments to enhance Alberta’s position in the knowledge economy, contributing to the sustainable development of the provincial economy and making the province increasingly competitive in global markets. Growth and development of Alberta’s innovation system is critical to the well-being and future prosperity of the province. Government, universities, and industry all play important roles in converting research and technology into products and services that benefit Albertans.

View all Program Items related to Alberta Innovation and Science