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The Alberta Gaming Research Institute is working towards its vision of international recognition for its contribution to the scientific knowledge base in gambling research.

The primary aim of the Institute, a consortium of the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, and University of Lethbridge, is to support academic research related to gambling in four broad domains (bio-psychological and health care, socio-cultural, economic, and government and industry policy and practice). It is achieved through fostering research excellence, building research capacity at the partner Universities, facilitating knowledge transfer, promoting strategic and collaborative initiatives, and maximizing the tri-university partnership. It is coordinated by a Board of Directors working in collaboration with Alberta Gaming Research Council and is funded by the Alberta government through the Alberta Lottery Fund.

The Institute fosters interdisciplinary and inter-University research provincially, nationally, and internationally. Links are made between researchers, policy-makers, community organizations, the gambling industry, other major stakeholders, and the general public to improve understanding of the impacts of gambling.

View all Program Items related to Alberta Gaming Research Institute