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One can’t help but wonder where health research would be in Alberta today if it weren’t for the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research. Over the last 22 years, more than 8500 researchers and researchers-in-training have been supported at some point in their careers by the AHFMR. The Foundation currently funds more than 235 Alberta-based biomedical and health researchers recruited from around the world and more than 350 students and post-doctoral fellows.

These researchers have earned international acclaim for their pioneering work in many fields, including islet transplantation for diabetics, heart attack therapy, nerve regeneration, and cell biology of cancer. AHFMR also supports population health studies. Recent projects include a comparison of health care funding in various countries and the impact of teen violence in rural communities.

Since 1980, the AHFMR has provided over 850 million dollars in direct support to health research in Alberta.

View all Program Items related to AHFMR