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Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is a private, not-for profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wetlands and associated habitats for the benefit of North America's waterfowl, wildlife and people. Since 1938 DUC has positively influenced nearly 25 million acres of wetland habitats across Canada, completing more than 6,800 habitat projects.

Ducks Unlimited Canada focuses on wetland conservation in Canada—identifying habitats and waterfowl species in the greatest need of help, then charting a course for their conservation, restoration and management. DUC successfully conducts three major programs: habitat conservation, research and education. The purpose of each program is directed to putting more habitat in place for waterfowl and wildlife.

Alberta is a key province for the breeding, nesting and staging of North America’s waterfowl. The habitats waterfowl use, such as wetlands, native grasslands, and other upland habitats are not only valuable to wildlife, they are also valuable to people. From the Boreal forest to the southern Prairies, valuable wetlands are at risk due to human activities. DUC is committed to developing innovative, sustainable programs that help keep the wetland and upland habitats of the Alberta intact


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